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Welcome to the Service Department at Yonge North Mitsubishi!


Our professional team of experienced Mitsubishi certified service consultants and trained service technicians are here to provide the best automotive service and maintenance for your Mitsubishi in the Richmond Hill and Vaughan Ontario regions.


Trust your automotive service and maintenance to the people who know it best - Yonge North Mitsubishi.



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Yonge North Mitsubishi Maintenance Checklist

2018 Yonge North Mitsubishi Outlander


Your vehicle from Yonge North Mitsubishi has one of the best warranties on the road. A regular service and maintenance schedule will ensure your Mitsubishi continues to perform at optimum levels. Regular maintenance checkups from our service department are highly recommended, economical and will extend the life of your Mitsubishi.


For your convenience, here's a maintenance timeline list from your Yonge North Mitsubishi Service Department:


 WhatWhen to Replace

Brakes  Every 2 years or 39,000 KM


  At the minimum safe tread depth or every 6 to 10 years.

Coolant  Every 2 years or 39,000 KM

Engine Belts 

  Every 3 years or 58,000 KM

Spark Plugs  Every 48,000 KM - 160,000 KM

Automatic Transmission Fluid     Every 2 years or 39,000 KM

Air Filter  Every 12 months or as needed

Battery  Around 48 - 80 months

Power-Steering Fluid

  Inspect with every oil change, top off as needed



Fuel Filter  Every 2 years or 39,000 KM



Here are a few seasonal maintenance tips and habits you can develop to ensure you and your Mitsubishi are properly prepared to face anything that comes your way throughout the year:


Richmond Hill Mitsubishi Tire Storage  

Richmond Hill Mitsubishi Tire Pressure

10 °C is the magic number to switch your tires:


If you change your tires seasonally, remove your winter tires and fit your summer ones once the temperatures are regularly above 10 °C and vice versa. Don't forget that it's very important to store your tires on their sides and in storage bags.

Maintain fluid levels:


It's important to keep your fluids such as windshield wiper fluid, coolant, oil, and brake fluid in your Mitsubishi at the right level. A quick pre-trip visual check for your wiper fluid will ensure you're always seeing the road clearly.


 Keep the correct tire pressure:


Warmer weather in the summer can lead to your tires losing pressure at a higher rate then they would in the winter. We recommend checking your tire pressure more often during the hotter months. Driving on an underinflated tire can significantly reduce your fuel economy.


Richmond Hill Mitsubishi Tire Pressure


Richmond Hill Mitsubishi Car Wash

Change to the proper grade of oil:


Typically, in the summer you'd be using thicker oil, however this is less suitable during the winter months. It's recommended that you purchase winter grade oil that will help out your Mitsubishi with cold starts on winter mornings.

 Have a brake function checkup:


The importance of brake function can't be overrated! Stopping distances fluctuate with road conditions, so getting regular brake checks is a great habit to form.


Rinse your Mitsubishi:


From dust and mud in the summer to salt and chemicals in the winter, we all know our roads in Ontario are covered with all sorts of things that can unfortunately corrode our vehicles over time. We recommend washing your Mitsubishi regularly, especially if you notice any buildup.


At Yonge North Mitsubishi we have the latest diagnostic tools and repair techniques, authorized and approved by Mitsubishi. 


We aim to fix it right the first time! Yonge North Mitsubishi takes pride in the automotive service and maintenance work we provide. Bring your vehicle to us and see the difference for yourself.


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